Recent Posts:  For those who are returning readers and just want to see what they may have missed lately. Any new readers or those who want to start at a specific spot, the links to my stories and other creations are down below.

One Year Blogaversary Thank You March 2016

The Stories:

Dance! Windenburg 

This story follows Nyla, a character from my GTW:Vignettes- A Detective’s Life, as she studies dance abroad in Windenburg and interacts with the interesting inhabitants of her new apartment building while exploring this new world around her. This story is mostly first-person with an ensemble cast.

Foodie and the City


Everly Moreland is just your everyday foodie who just so happens to be a food critic with her own blog. Follow her articles as she tries out the newest eateries from Willow Creek to Windenburg. She rates them  on her special foodie scale, tells you where to find the best places, and gives you insider advice on the hottest place to take that hottie you have been wanting to date.

*Details on story page if you wish to submit a build.

The Knight Legacy

gen 1 ep 1 mystery number 1

My very first story. It is, as the name implies, a legacy. Still ongoing. Some of the early images are missing because I think wordpress eats them. They will be fixed eventually.


07-17-15_6-41 PM-2

     Follow Georgia, who is a self described earth mother, as she explores what it means to exist in this life.

04-21-15_1-38 AM

 Join free-spirited Heaven and her new wife, the serious Dr. Alayna as they build their new life together in Oasis Springs and struggle to figure out how to fit into each other’s lives.

06-30-15_1-21 AM-3

Starluna and Xerxes are on a misson from Sixam to study all life on planet Sim. They are encouraged by their superiors to hide their true nature. Will they conform? Or will they learn that it is who you are on the inside that matters and they may have more in common with the Simlings than they thought?

04-23-15_6-03 PM

    Giovanna and Leo chose to leave their glamorous life in the world of high fashion and photography to raise their daughter Arabella. Will she follow her mother’s footsteps down the catwalk or will she find her own interests?

01-29-16_3-21-05 PMGTW: A DETECTIVE’S LIFE    

Detective Hailey has come a long way from the delinquent she once was. Climbing the ranks at the Police Academy, she is now making a name for herself at her new post at Willow Creek Police Department. Will she make time for a social life?  Will she ever catch the Magnolia Promenade Mangler?!

Specials and Collabs: Crossover stories (with fellow writers/their characters), Sims created for others, honors etc.

My Short Story Challenge Submissions: My submissions for an ongoing short story challenge hosted in the EA forums by fellow SimLit writers.

Penguin Creations: Builds, remodels, decor etc.

Simself Adventures : A second blog, shared with fellow SimLit writers. The stories located there follow the Adventures of our simselves as they interact with other simselves, experience the game, and explore themes of life. My Adventures follow my four simselves–The Penguin Posse, specifically the sassy kid simself–Baby P.



      • You are welcome 🙂 and thank you for answering me.
        Well also I have a lot of thing to do especially rewritting my story and recreated my town , my current save can’t work anymore i’ll delete my story soon. I understand when things tends to keep us busy we can’t write.

        Liked by 1 person

          • There is no problem to delete my current story and start over a better one, with alongside I will add some important stuffs. I have developped some ideas I never really “play” or going deeper , those parts will got a special section.
            No worry some benefits will be kept , she won’t lose her friends for instance and she still be in the Joke group. I just need to delete my pictures because I have a free plan and a reboot is more logical in my case. I have to redecorate SV etc. It’s not logicial to keep this story not finished , no readers are interested in reading a non finished story.


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