Foodie and the City: L’Attente Bistro




My next culinary adventure took me to the beautiful Magnolia Promenade, located in Willow Creek, outside of the hustle of the Champs Les Sims Quarter and thankfully far enough away from Chez Llama that my tummy wasn’t cowering in fear. This time I was going to visit a charming little bistro called L’ Attente Bistro.

The quality of the food may worry me but the area it was in was gorgeous and calm. And I decided to explore the shops and sights after dinner.

The place was quite nice. Not overly fancy but not a hole in the wall. And the view was very lovely. They had a bar on the inside with a small area to meet or hang out with friends, and as well as the inside dining area they had a lovely outdoor deck.

Having had enough of bugs on my vacation in Granite Falls, I asked to be seated inside but with a view from the large windows. The host, Dennis Kim, acquiesced to my request but he was quite rude in doing so.

My waiter however, was not only friendly but very nice on the eyes. Marcus informed me that the two Chefs, Eva and Zoe, would be preparing my meals for the evening.

For my appetizer on Marcus’ advice I chose a Fizzy Fruit Drink to help cool me off on this humid day and the Butternut Squash Soup.

My meal arrived quickly and the soup was nice and creamy and the drink did cool me off and it was very beautiful and scrumptious.

For the main course I went with Steak and Salad and a sweet Cream Soda, which both appeared again, promptly. My steak was perfectly medium well exactly as I asked and the cream soda was refreshing and sweet, if a bit of an odd color.

After that great steak I decided on the Fruit Cobbler and a classic Rootbear Float, one of my favorite things. I was not let down. The cobbler was gooey and sweet and the float was just what I needed to end the meal.

Meal Breakdown:

  • Appetizer: Fizzy Fruit Drink (3§) and Butternut Squash Soup (13§)
  • Main Course: Steak (4§) and Cream Soda (21 §)
  • Dessert: Fruit Cobbler (5§) and Rootbear Float ( 12§)

Total: 58§ 

Food Quality:  5/5 Plumbobs

Each plate was well cooked and even though the cream soda was an odd color it didn’t taste off.

Food Creativity : 3/5 Plumbobs

Nothing unsual or creative about the meals here. The recipes were perfected but not out of the box.

Service : 4/5 Plumbobs

My server was great but the host was very rude and to have him be the first person your customers meet is not a smart choice.

Atmosphere: 5/5 Plumbobs

Simple but welcoming. A place I can see myself visiting with friends and chatting and drinking at the bar.

Date night scale:  4/5

This is good for a casual second or third date. Not really impressive but a cozy spot with great drinks and the patio would probably be lovely at night with the smell of the blossoms and the salt water in the air.

Overall score:  4/5 Plumbobs

  • Bang for your buck : Moderately priced well-cooked food ina  clean and welcoming space with a nice view of the area.

Verdict:  I enjoyed myself and if I am in the mood for a rude greeting but excellent service and food I will go again.


 4 out of 5 Plumbobs- Take your friends!

Eat well. Eat often. And Eat only the best! 

About the Author:

Everly Moreland is a Young Adult who is a self-proclaimed foodie, home- taught chef, and prominent member of the Windenburg Branch of the Upper Crusts. She loves to make friends and is an avid activist for the Preservation of Emily the Friendly Neighborhood Loch-Ness. She lives in Windenburg with her beloved goldfish Cracker and maintains an intensively active lifestyle to ensure that none of the delicious food she consumes goes straight to her hips.



  1. What a beautiful bistro and excellent review! What a shame that the host greeted her rudely. I’m enjoying those reviews so far and I can’t wait for the day I get Dine Out and start building the restaurants and select those that should be reviewed by Everly.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh! Looks like I missed one. Anyway, I’m surprised. For some reason I expected more fancy experimental food to accompany such a fancy name. That’s good to know. Is there a dress code? I want to send Jonathan & Skyla on a date at a restaurant, but I don’t want one requiring formal wear.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I thought it would be fancy too but nope. And I think it is just everyday wear. I can’t remember if the outfit she wore was formal. It would look great in windenburg on the modern water area if they could sit outside. Too bad we can’t request seats

      Liked by 1 person

  3. The host is surely in angry mood .I remember when I played the sims 4 my family often met this kind of people , they always rampaged and was agressive with you .It was not an experience I appreciated .However the menu seems delicious.

    Liked by 1 person

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