Foodie and the City

Everly Moreland

International Food Critic 




The first few “articles” will be on the builds that the Sims team includes in this GP but I hope to open it up to all you builders and add any of your restaurant builds.

As I know many of my readers are simlit writer’s themselves and some of you do not build but you like to remodel or repurpose builds from the gallery to include in your sims’ story, please feel free to include those remodeled builds with credit to the original builder and your lovely sims who run these fantastic places.

I am not sure if you can also save your menu and etc for diner upload but you could always tell me the menu you want served and even add sims that you want to run it and I can download the build and the sims and set it up in the city and lot of your choosing. If you share sims share a bit about their professional personality so I will know how they will interact with Everly and run their restaurant and link me to their story so I may learn more about them.

Everly will rate location, atmosphere, service, food, and date night worthiness. She will also photograph each course your chefs prepare for her.

You can upload sims and resturants under #FoodieandtheCity and leave a little background info in the details section of the gallery upload or contact me here (or in the forums) with any questions.

Let’s eat!



  1. I call a dive entry! XD It’ll be run by an eclectic couple and the patronage has all types. They started small but now the lines are out the door.

    (I’ve been watching too much Food Network)

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  2. CAN SHE PLEASE REVIEW LUCAS’ RESTAURANT WHEN I MAKE IT?! Sorry for screaming, but I am excited about restaurants in general and also really like this story idea. 😛

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  3. OMG, this is a fantastic story idea!!!! Can’t wait for it to start.

    As you already know, I’ve been working on a new series which includes this GP. In my new series, 8 Sims will be running restaurants (4 singles and 2 pairs, so 6 restuarants). I’ll upload the restaurant builds and managers as time goes. 🙂

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      • The sims 4 pack trailers and info tends to be a bit like movie trailers they show the best parts so your expecting the rest of the movie to match up to what you’ve seen already and you usually leave the cinema a little annoyed when it didnt quite live up to your expectations. Fingers crossed it will be everthing we hope and more. Counting the days and already got 3 restaurants partly built in preparation 😊

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        • I have one halfway built as well. And I have a few other builds that can use some of the decor and I have at least two sims that are already resturant owners in my other stories so at least now they can really have one!

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  4. Best idea never seen in the sims 4 community very different and brillant.As I am looking around but no longer a member.By te way thank you for liking my sims 3 cc I published.Dine out will really helps contestants.

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    • Thanks! This idea started as me wanting to do a sex and city style with the women having different careers than the tv show and so I wanted to make the Carrie be a food critic blogger and then I decided to just have the one sim and review the new restaurants lol funny how ideas snowball.

      When my new pc is done I hope to play ts3 again and I can’t live without cc so I will need a much as I can find!


      • About sims 3 cc I could help you so don’t hesistate to write me (I created a contact page for my followers can write me on my wp).I never watch sex and the city , I found the idea brillant.I struggle with my sims 4 it works until spa day but it broke the net framework last time I turned around . Plus I have got the sims 2 to make it a bit playable more.

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