Generation Two

Generation Two

Gen. 2 Heir : Kayden Knight

02-27-15_4-16 PM

Ep.1- Starry Nights and Heart to Hearts

Ep. 2- Invisible Stars

Ep. 3- Ashlyn’s Secret

Ep. 4- The Circle of Life

In Memoriam 1

Ep. 5- Third Time is the Charm?

In Memoriam 2

Ep. 6- Simone

Ep. 7- Renegade

Ep. 8- T-H-R-E-E

Ep.  9- We Got Skills

Ep. 10- 3 Ages Up

Ep. 11- Making Enemies

Ep. 12- Mischief Not Managed

Ep. 13- The Routine of Legacy Life

Ep. 14- The Storm Grows

Ep. 15- Careful What You Wish For

Ep. 16- Family Outing

Ep. 17- Free Time



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