Short Story Challenge Submissions

A group of my friends and fellow writers on the EA Forums  put together a Short Story Challenge thread run by the talented Carewren123.

We can submit prompts and topics and then the monthly theme is chosen by vote or by Carewren. It is open to everyone and is a great place to practice your writing skills. We are a friendly and welcoming community so feel free to join if you would like to be amongst other writers of all skill levels.

Check out the thread to participate and also for a list of everyones stories.

Here are the stories I have contributed.

Theme for August 2015: Firsts

My First Day

Theme for October 2015: Two Themes-Scary and/or Halloween

Evil Comes in Threes

Short Stories unrelated to the challenges:

#1. A four part side story featuring a sim I submitted to Summerfalls’ University Challenge.

One | Two | Three | Four |

#2 Snippets- Soulmates: Keegan&Camille




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