Tour My Newcrest

I decided to start over and use no CC so here are the new builds :

06-12-18_5-43-34 PM
Twin Oracle Point Park
06-03-18_2-08-03 PM
Newcrest Meadows Park
05-18-18_1-03-44 PM
Newcrest Alcove
05-27-18_4-09-57 PM
Newcrest Fern Park
05-18-18_2-24-23 PM
Newcrest Byway
04-29-18_1-55-01 AM
Newcrest Cubby
















Old Builds using CC:

06-25-15_8-35 PM
Canal Estates Pool & Clubhouse
09-15-15_7-20 PM
Francesca-VH Remodel 
06-14-15_7-46 PM
Canal Estates CathyTea-House & Gardens
09-20-15_6-25 PM-2
Midtown Meadows Park

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